WooF Music USA

WooF Music is an Independent Music Publishing company based in Philadelphia, USA.

In 1991, a band, THE BARKING DOGS created Woof Trade Publishing Limited (WTPL) in France. Soon after, Bill (Xavier) Collin acquired the company and developed the publishing branch. From then on, he started to guide, promote, and prepare, artists, songwriters, and bands for the European stages. The expansion of WTPL led Bill to create five sister companies in Canada, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and the USA.

WooF Music USA was launched in 2016 by Bill Collin and Marthélène Héraud, providing music licensing expertise gathered from years working in the business. Today, WooF Music not only brings all kinds of music from the world’s key territories to the USA, but also helps diffuse American music into Europe and more, acting as a transatlantic hub for music. WooF carries an extensive range of artists who represent style, taste and diversity. WooF brings you all genres from Jazz to Rap and Ambient to Rock, and is always looking for new talent. Although WooF Music is globally connected, Europe remains its main resource for music, focusing particularly on the independent scene. WooF Music’s team of sync pitches and licenses music for film, TV, advertising, and games. Our artists are free. They create their music based on today’s global inspiration, expressing their emotions and thoughts in the most genuine way possible. WooF Music helps them spread their message as well as their passion for music across all nations. As Music Publishers, we play a vital role in the development of new music by allowing composers and songwriters to concentrate on their creativity, while we focus on the business side. We secure their rights and royalties, and make use of our experience to enhance their musical works. With the music business evolving every day, WooF’s perceptive team works very closely with its artists to support their creativity and inspire them.