Since 2004, LALOULINE MUSIC PUBLISHING represents a catalog of more than 1200 titles.
Lalouline’s artists come from various backgrounds, from song to rap, from pop to R&B and soul to slam. Eclecticism, passion, quality in the music and a very authentic partnership with the artist are the main focus of Lalouline Music.


BIEN ENTENDU EDITIONS is a music library

Video Production & Entertainment Studio based in Marseille (south of France).
BEAT BOUNCE produces Video clips and TV series.

PAGE is the publishing affiliate of Z Production, a French independent label specialized in Jazz and Fusion Jazz since 1999.
Located in Saint Etienne, France, its main focus is Music Supervision and Synchronization.





Jarring Effects is an independant record label based in France, specialized in indie and non conformist musics since 1995. It is one of the oldest and largest independant French record label. it carries electro, hip hop and world music.